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I began practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at the age of 15, after being diagnosed with severe scoliosis.  Facing the option of full spinal fusion, my dear family friends Andrew and Ray Eppler suggested that I try yoga. During my first class, which was with Ray Eppler, I felt at home & at peace in my body; from this initial communion I began devoting my life t2o various alternatives to surgery.

About the Workshop weekend 8-10 nov 2019


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Friday 18.00 - 20.30 Master Class - 2.5 Hours

All Levels in depth practice, interweaving many facets of healing yoga practices. This practice will include Asana, Mudra, Pranayama, Visualizations, Self Massage, Somatics, Muscle Activations, Deep Relaxation & Meditation.

Zat 9.00 - 11.00 body assesment - 2 Hours
All Levels, objective view of each individual’s rotational pattern in the feet, knees, hips, spine, ribs, shoulders & head.. This is where you get to see Bryce in action, demonstrating exactly what he does in private classes. Here you will receive an in depth analysis of your body’s imbalances, information regarding the nature of this musculoskeletal imbalance, and what to do about it. After each individual has stepped up to the plate, Bryce will also show his personal imbalances. This can feel very vulnerable, though there is a strong sense of support and camaraderie. After everyone has received their assessment & observed their fellow practitioner, Bryce will guide everyone through a very basic therapeutic practice to begin addressing these imbalances. This is a great way to prepare for Asana practice & to receive customized information to take your health & healing practices to the next level.

Zat 11.30 - 13.30 Vinyasa class 

All Levels practice, focusing on synchronizing movement with breath to create a moving meditation.  This practice will combine Somatics, Asana & end with Deep Relaxation. This practice will be short & sweet, and will be as challenging as you want it to be.

Zat 14.00 - 15.30 Therapeutic Self Massage

All levels are welcome. This practice is the most important supplement for preserving one’s asana practice, exercise routine & daily quality of life. Do you have tension in your neck & shoulders, or in your low back? Using a combination of therapy balls to explore & release deep held tension throughout the body, this practice releases the stressor chemicals that have formed knots in the fascia & muscles.

  Zon 9.00 - 10.00 Pranayama (All Levels)

Breath Work. Classically, the reason for practicing asana is to remove pain from the body, so we can sit for long periods of time without being distracted by pain. At least that's my understanding. Pranayama is the next limb of Ashtanga Yoga, after Asana, for preparing the practitioner for Meditation.  Pranayama is compared to taming a Lion (the mind), in which even the most wild of beasts, will become calm & relaxed with consistent practice. This class will give you the tools to establish a consistent pranayama practice at home, for your own pursuits in creating more peace within.  Consistent pranayama greatly enhances a practitioner's asana practice, along with cleansing the Nadis, giving you tools to heat & cool the body, along with gaining control of Kundalini Shakti. (duration: 1 hour)

Zon 10.30 - 12.00 Vinyasa Flow

All Levels practice, focusing on synchronizing movement with breath to create a moving meditation.  This practice will combine Somatics, Asana & end with Deep Relaxation. This practice will be short & sweet, and will be as challenging as you want it to be.

12.30 - 16.30  Strong Supple Spine (All Levels)

The spine is the innermost core of the body, and is the basis for an optimally functioning body. Our focus in this workshop, is on unlocking the spine's potential to move & support the healthy functions of the body. From the deepest layers of tissues to the most superficial, this is true core work that utilizes backbends; sidebands; twists & forward bends.

17.00 - 18.30 Somatic Trance Restorative Yoga

All levels practice using gentle, repetitive & undulating movements to melt away tension, holding patterns & stressor chemicals. These practices organically induce a deep state of warm relaxation, meditative trance & presence.


More about Bryce

At the age of 20, I traveled to India to pursue a more austere regiment of traditional practice with Sri B.N.S. Iyengar, a direct student of Sri T. Krishnamacharya.  While studying all 4 classic sequences of Asana (Primary, Intermediate, Advanced A, Advanced B), along with Mudra, Pranayama and Philosophy, I became pain free.  Since then, I have continued to travel & study with world renown teachers, such as David Williams, Danny Paradise, David Swenson, Dharma Mittra, Srivatsa Ramaswami, Maria Mendola, Joseph & Lillian LePaige, Robert Boustany, among many others. I have also completed 1000hr certification through Integrative Yoga Therapy and I am E-RYT 500, YACEP & C-IAYT certified. 

In April of 2016, I returned to India to help film a documentary about the evolution of the yoga community of Krishnamacharya in Mysore, India; how this community has influenced the vast majority of modern day Yoga practices & the current views held by the keepers of these traditions. The film is called Mysore Yoga Traditions and is available online at:

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